mama!milk Concert


Music by mama!milk

Accordion Yuko Ikoma
Contrabass Kosuke Shimizu
with toy piano, music box, piano that someone once played etc.

Sound effect, Theremin Gak Sato
Voice Yuki Urakawa
Lighting design Takayuki Fujimoto


The Museum of Kyoto, Annex hall

Takakura Sanjo Nakagyo Kyoto TEL: 075-222-0888
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Modern building designed by Kingo Tatsuno and Uheiji Nagano as the Kyoto branch of the Bank of Japan. Completed in 1906. Designated as a National Important Cultural Property.



Suite I. in the afternoon  ¥3,000 / student ¥1,000
* 40 min. stage

Suite II. in the night  ¥4,500 / student ¥1,500
* 70 min. stage

◆ Suite I and Suite II    ¥ 6,000 / student ¥ 2,000

* Non-reserved seat
* The performance is suitable for audiences 7+ years old.
* Smartphones cannot be used during performances.

Some LP records and CDs by mama!milk are available at this concert.
If you wish to purchase and pay in advance, please apply together with your ticket.
You can pick them up at the reception on the day.

Information:Active KEI Inc.

TEL: 075-255-6586
E-mail:   ( Please mention “1001” in the subject line ) 



[ mama!milk ]

Yuko Ikoma Accordion

Kosuke Shimizu contrabass

Gak Sato Sound effect, Theremin

Yuki Urakawa Voice

Takayuki Fujimoto Lighting design


Graphic design by stompdesign
Supported by Active KEI Inc., Tetsujiro Suita



mama!milk’s albums

Charade [ 2LP, CD ]
Soundtrip by accordion, theremin, flute, viola, exotic bells, marimba, piano, cavaquinho, contrabass etc.

your voice [ CD ]
An intimate live recording of accordion and contrabass, including the title piece and music by J.S. Bach and Toru Takemitsu.